Friday, September 6, 2013

Today I had some time to myself and felt like messing around with Photoshop - this is the result:

gaol naofa
The quote is from the Triads of Ireland, the photo is my own. 

This summer was very busy - one of my busiest trimesters at school, and stressful without having super-reliable childcare. I am happy to say that the childcare issue has been resolved and I feel much more at ease about the time I'm spending away from home. This week I started my last trimester of school - it is very surreal. It's been six very long, intense years but I'm glad I've made it to the (almost) end. I won't have as much time for writing as I'd like until the end of the year, since I've got to study for my graduation exam (cumulative!!) and then the various licensing boards, however I have resolved to be a little bit more frequent than I have as of late. Soon I'll be putting up a post about our trips to the sea and Manannan, and some of the fun autumnal activities my son and I have been doing.

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  1. Lovely work! I love your photo and I love that quote. :) I made a postie using that quote a while back for my website, but ended up using a royalty free photo because for whatever reason I have trouble taking nice photos with lit candles. Yours turned out much better. Hehe.

    I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your schooling...congrats making it as far as you have and I bet that you will do very well on your testing and exams!